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About Us

So, who is Naturally Bodied?

Naturally Bodied is a nature-based, skin and holistic self- care brand offering various bath and body products that soothe and moisturise dry or dull skin, whilst regulating the skin’s natural microbiome to optimise skin health.

Born from the founder’s experience with Eczema, each product has been carefully tried and tested to relieve and treat Jada’s own skin. After much experimentation and trial and error, followed by various courses in product formulation and personal care, Naturally Bodied was brought to life through Jada’s passion for providing the same effective self-care products for others and creating luxury self-care products at an affordable price point.

Made entirely from natural ingredients and using bio- degradable/sustainable packaging, Naturally Bodied is an eco-friendly brand, making consious decisions for our planet, without compromise on quality or benefits. Ensuring all products are of a luxury standard is at the heart of Naturally Bodied, promising not only the best of ingredients and quality, but also assuring that the products are attainable to ALL who want to enjoy them.

Making your bathroom feel like a spa and your body feel like a temple, Naturally Bodied will leave you feeling your best self and living your best life.