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4-Pack Mini Aromatic Dry Body Oil

4-Pack Mini Aromatic Dry Body Oil

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Can’t decide which scent of our body oil you’d like to get and want to try them all? Looking for a nice gift for a loved one? Need your smell-good in a travel-sized package? This mini 4-pack of all our scents is perfect for you!


Each bottle is 5mL and Includes all 4 of our scents:


Lemongrass Bamboo

Bourbon Vanilla

Cypress & Tabac


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How We Choose Our Ingredients

We meticulously consider every ingredient in our products, valuing both purpose and attention to detail. Our belief is that true luxury and effectiveness stem from a clear purpose. With a commitment to transparency, we strive to educate our consumers about the role of each ingredient, ensuring they comprehend their skin's needs and have unwavering trust in our products and their impact on their skin.

While Naturally Bodied leans towards utilizing nature-derived ingredients, our priority lies in selecting ingredients based on their efficacy above all else, with origin source as a secondary consideration. This approach allows us to provide our customers with products that not only harness the power of nature but also deliver impressive results.